Anne Fulwood

Anne became one of Australian network television’s best-known and most respected journalists and hosts for some 20 years, before making a switch to her own media consultancy as one of the country’s most sought-after corporate MCs and facilitators.

She reveals the stories of ‘Enterprising Women’ every Saturday in her column for the Australian Financial Review. For the past nine years she has been event host and workshop facilitator, and Ambassador for the Telstra Business Awards programs – where she has become closely associated with hundreds of enterprising people across Australia.

Anne believes very strongly in building business/corporate and community partnership, her passion continues for news and popular culture, she has served for more than a decade on Boards with the Art Gallery of NSW and, as she grew up in rural Australia, she has a strong interest in regional business and communities.

Anne’s great strength is her ability to engage with people, her outstanding professionalism and warmth of presentation, and her broad range of interests. In the business of communications, she’s one of the best!

Enterprising Women

Enterprising Women

Australian women are great for business and all of them have great capacity for enterprise. There is nothing quite like turning a business idea into action – either as a member of a team of people within an enterprise, or as the owner of the enterprise with a vision to make it a success. We all are inspired by the women who take a risk, push the envelope, who innovate and back themselves in all sorts of business ventures great and small.

Women collaborate and cooperate, they have courage and commitment. They share their experiences and stories with a view to ever strengthening the community around them. They are leaders who help grow leaders and whatever the enterprise, they have the capacity to inspire those around them.

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Enterprising Education

Enterprising Education

This initiative is to provide new ideas and information for teachers in their daily professional endeavours through a face-to-face interaction with selected and inspired business, community and professional leaders. Anne Fulwood will bring a selection of speakers to the workshops in an atmosphere of collaboration and open communication. They all believe, as she does, that the stories of enterprise can often provide the best lessons.

Enterprising teachers encourage enterprise in students.


Enterprising People

Enterprising People

Anne Fulwood has a passion for entrepreneurs and enterprising Australians and for the stories they have to tell. She believes their stories have the capacity to reignite the entrepreneurial spirit of Australians.

These are everyday Australians who have put an idea into action, who give character to their communities, who employ people and build businesses and who have experiences they happily share with others. They don’t make the front page of the business section, or feature on the nightly news – they are the hidden gems of the Australian business community.

Real people, with real stories and they provide a lesson in business without the textbooks. They are often too busy doing business to be seen and heard, but their stories can inspire and empower others.