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Fulworks Australia aims to showcase an inspired community of business people from all walks of life, from all parts of our country, whose stories may inspire you to a life of enterprise! As well, their lessons in leadership are a great example to us all.

Australia has about 2.1 million businesses, more than 95% of which are small businesses. Around 2 million of those employed fewer than 20 staff – around 1.3 million of them are sole traders who do not employ any staff. Most of those small to medium enterprises had an annual turnover less than $2million. (ABS June 2011).

In 30 years of journalism, 10 years working with the Telstra Business Awards programs and in her weekly ‘Enterprising Women’ column for the AFR Weekend Fin Review (www.afr.com.au) Anne Fulwood has met, befriended and shared the stories of hundreds of business owners.

These enterprising Australians go unheralded in their everyday lives. They employ people, provide opportunities to learn, they innovate, bring up families, and add character to communities. Even if you don’t aspire to entrepreneurship – just hearing how people make a living, is enough to brighten your day.

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Who will make headlines at the 2018 Women20 (W20) Summit in Argentina? And why Ivanka helped in 2017!

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One year ago at the 2017 W20 in Berlin, Germany, it was Ivanka Trump – and I argued at the time that her presence alongside host, Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, would certainly create headlines but more than that….it would give our work at the W20 some profile in the international…

After Berlin – Women20 call for action, in our communique to G20 Leaders

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It is true that the leadership and involvement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the helm of Women20 Summit in Berlin was the ‘chance of a decade’ in spite of some criticism of high-profile attendee, Ivanka Trump. For the record, I’m happy to take whatever chance I get to highlight…

A Merkel masterstroke at Women20 Summit in Berlin – and women headline the world news!

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It is a great honour be Australia’s delegate for the third year, for the Women20 Summit for the G20 – and in April 2017 it was in Berlin, Germany, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I share the role with my good friend, Dr Susan Harris Rimmer. This was THE…

International leadership at The Rome Roundtable gives women & W20 a seat at the table

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A big start to the year, came thanks to The Global Foundation Rome Roundtable. I was invited to facilitate a panel – on women’s economic empowerment, as one of Australia’s W20 delegates. An inspiring international event, brought together leaders from business, academia, civil society, government and faiths – the Catholic…