A Merkel masterstroke at Women20 Summit in Berlin – and women headline the world news!

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It is a great honour be Australia’s delegate for the third year, for the Women20 Summit for the G20 – and in April 2017 it was in Berlin, Germany, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I share the role with my good friend, Dr Susan Harris Rimmer.

This was THE opportunity to build on the work done at the first W20 in Istanbul 2015, and the second in Xi’an, China, 2016.

USA First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, was invited by Ms Merkel, to join a prominent panel of leading women of the world – the panel here.  It included Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Christine Lagarde of the IMF, alongside Ms Merkel. Yes, it became all about Ivanka – but I say it drew global attention and put our work on the front page.  That’s the good news! As I argue in my column for News Ltd/RendezView, as she helped raise the level of interest in women’s entrepreneurship, vocational education to drive skilled and re-skilled employment for the future, as well as financial inclusion for women, and the challenge of bridging the digital divide and the workforce divide.

Thanks to RendezView, my column and reaction, here.