A model of sustainability with re-usable, re-purposed waste – Natalie Coulter a true urban pioneer and explorer

Natalie Coulter has a message for us all, and her once lone voice is being heard by an ever-expanding audience.  She describes herself as an activist – in a gentle way – who uses repurposed rubbish to create brilliant window displays, installations, styling and events with a view to raising the awareness of us all to resist our throwaway habits and STOP the waste!

She tells me today – AFR Weekend, 24 – 27 April 2014 – that she is dedicated to re-using waste material to prove that one person’s trash, absolutely, can become another’s treasure. Belle Flaneur is her business name, derived from the French ‘flaneur’ or urban explorers. She describes herself as a “negotiator of urban space” and wants to stop us in our tracks when we see her displays.

Natalie re-purposes at a designer level.  Check out the window displays at Robby Ingham Stores – the Oxford Street, Paddington (Sydney) emporium for fabulous fashion.  She designs the displays with old hard rubbish, and the designer shoes, bags and clothes are placed for brilliant effect.

Community is key to her enterprise, says Natalie, who has created the business to address a social need and problem. She doesn’t expect to be rolling in the big bucks any time soon.  “I have found a creative way to do something with the waste we create.  Admiration and respect become the currency.”

Take note corporate Australia.  Natalie Coulter has you in her sights to spread the word and win over the world!