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International leadership at The Rome Roundtable gives women & W20 a seat at the table

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A big start to the year, came thanks to The Global Foundation Rome Roundtable. I was invited to facilitate a panel – on women’s economic empowerment, as one of Australia’s W20 delegates. An inspiring international event, brought together leaders from business, academia, civil society, government and faiths – the Catholic…

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The future is online video for your biz or brand! Expert media trainer Andrea Clarke advises: “Quality & creativity will connect”

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Here’s the fact: By 2017, 70% of all online web traffic will be video* It’s a massive piece of the future for online engagement.  Are you prepared? My enterprising good friend and collaborator, former Washington DC reporter and professional media trainer, Andrea Clarke tells me that in businesses of all sizes,…

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Creating a brand based on Country culture – Angela Lavender curates an online shopfront taking regional handmade goods to Australia and the world

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Angela Lavender loves her country life and she kindly gave us some insights into her vision for Country Culture at our recent Fulworks event on “Brand” and “Reputation”.  Her inspired online business, takes the best of Country Culture and closes the gap between regional Australia and the world.  That is…

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“With One Voice” is one project to help people find their purpose – Tania de Jong is the creative entrepreneur

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It’s hard to keep up with the creative force that is Tania de Jong, a visionary and energetic force to be reckoned with in the sphere of social entrepreneurship. Over about two decades Tania has founded and operated a number of charity choirs, leadership workshops, events and much more under…

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Hear! Hear! We hear you Elaine Saunders – if you’re a boomer in a boardroom, or hard of hearing, Blamey Saunders hears you

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By “boomers”, Elaine Saunders means those of us getting to a certain demographic where the hearing starts to falter! We all live with someone, work with someone, have observed someone, whose speaking volume is further up the dial than the rest of us! The innovative team at Blamey Saunders Hearing…

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