Dani Valent has the right recipes to be in the mix as the poster girl for Thermomix!

Dani Valent describes herself a writer, eater and a cook – and she’s managed to make a marvellous mix of all three to become a pioneer in what is a very competitive market for cookbooks.

As she tells me in my Enterprising Women column (AFR 21 June 2014) Dani was the first, she believes, in Australia to publish cookbooks specific to the very popular kitchen appliance – Thermomix – brought to Australia by another of my Enterprising Women, Grace Mazur, in about 2001.

It’s true the market probably didn’t need another cookbook, but Dani saw the gap for a gorgeous, glossy, hard-cover book that she could open on the bench and “spatter with food”!  She admits she’s a cookbook junkie.

Sales would indicate she has plenty of support from other cookbook junkies. Her first book – In The Mix – Great Thermomix Recipes – is into its fourth print run since 2011.  In The Mix 2 came out for Christmas 2013 and is going well. Dani travels the country – even the world – giving demonstrations to keep those sales rolling and Thermomix cooks inspired!

The books are sold in the UK, South Africa, UAE, and via the Thermomix network.  Dani, you’re on a winner.

(Speaking of winners, we won’t mention Carlton Football Club – our AFL team – with every year, we’re moving closer to our next premiership!)