Tuesday 11 November, 2014

6.00pm to 8.30pm

Doltone House 181 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000

$90 or 2 for $150, includes GST Ticket price includes event + food & beverages

Tickets are limited. Be enterprising and buy now!


Level 3, 181 Elizabeth St NSW 2000
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It is a pleasure to partner with Doltone House to promote enterprising Australians.

Doltone House is an outstanding Australian family business, a Hall of Fame inductee at the NSW Chapter of Family Business Australia.

The honour celebrates the outstanding contribution that family businesses make to the state’s economy, community and culture.

We look forward to seeing you at Doltone House, Hyde Park CBD.


“Communicate with Confidence – How to lean in and walk your talk”


Speakers: Anne Fulwood – Bernard Salt – Andrea Clarke – Mary van de Wiel

This workshop Q&A will help you focus on the art of presentation and public speaking.

Whatever your age – here’s a chance to smarten up the way you engage your own audience. It could be colleagues, the CEO, a prospective employer. This is for you!

Consider how you tell your story and connect with people. Are they listening? Are they getting your message? How’s your tone?

Whether we admit it or not, most of us unconsciously undermine ourselves by not being prepared, by not presenting with confidence or by failing to fire up the imagination of those we’re talking to. In work, as in life.

Sheryl Sandberg’s book advised us to “Lean In” – but how do you lean in if you don’t have the skills to do the actual leaning?

We will share tips and insights so that you, too, can communicate with confidence! Buy your ticket today!

Special Guest: Bernard Salt – Australia’s leading social demographer



Anne Fulwood – CEO, Fulworks Australia

Come along and I’ll share my Top Tips for Triumph in public presentation. There is no one rule – but in order to put our best foot forward, we can follow a few basic techniques. Remember – noone is born with the skills and polish to present in public. Accentuate your positives and overcome the negatives, and position yourself to give it your best shot. It takes some practise – it’s taken me 30 years! Knowing what it takes to impart your message to those known, or unknown, to you in business or in life, may be the difference between you getting what you want – or not!

Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke – media and presentation consultant

Andrea has a passion for helping people in business speak with authority at all levels – to their colleagues, clients and the CEO. An accomplished commercial television news reporter, Andrea has translated her on-camera experience into a training course for those of us who aspire to improve our communication skills.

Driven by a passion for international politics, Andrea spent seven years in Washington D.C. from 2004, covering major news events, including the 2004 and 2008 Presidential Elections.

Andrea established her personalised training business to develop great leaders. She consults to top ASX-listed company executives, through to small business owners. She will challenge us to confront our fears and learn to better engage with, and influence, the people around us.

Mary van de Wiel

Mary van de Wiel (aka Van) – Founder at ZingYourBrand.com

A Dutch sea captain’s daughter, Van learned at an early age how to scope out the horizon and interpret the invisible clues – no matter what the country, culture or language. It seemed the best way for her to make sense of her own place and identity in the world, and give it meaning.

As a successful brand consultant, Van’s mission is always the same – to craft clear and meaningful interactions in communications either online or face-to-face. Van aims to evaluate, assess and draw out the potential in individuals, organisations and teams for greater influence, visibility and profits. She has helped leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs avoid falling into the trap of what she calls “Dead Brand Walking”.

Be a part of our community business series and celebrate Enterprising Australians:

  • Be inspired – hear how you can become more enterprising and walk your talk.
  • Experience insights, challenges and solutions from people who backed themselves.
  • Share ideas on the most effective communication strategies for you.
  • Connect with people who share your enthusiasm for enterprise and advancement.
  • Tell us about your enterprise or plans. Drum up some interest!
  • Contribute your ideas for future Fulworks events. Stay in touch on social media.

Drinks and canapes will be provided.