Fulworks Q+A event, 28 May 2014, Melbourne: “Social Media – Dynamic Business Device or Devil in Disguise?”

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Some thoughts from Sam Mutimer, Founder, Thinktank Social – Fulworks Business Q&A – Melbourne 28 May 2014 – “Social Media:  Dynamic Business device or devil in disguise?”

Sassy Sam Mutimer saw an opportunity to find her niche, and launched Thinktank Social – as a social media marketing agency in Melbourne.  (Here’s her story, as told to me in my ‘Enterprising Women’ column in the AFR, January 2013).

She’s succeeded and failed at a lots of social media strategies – she knows how to use it to the max as a dynamic business device AND where to find the devil.

Check out her key points, below.   And here’s her video snapshot of tips from our Fulworks event.


  • It can be hard to control, especially if resources are limited
  • When out of control it moves fast
  • It is a public forum which does attract trolls, and negative opinions
  • If you don’t have a plan it can cost you – more than money
  • There is so much choice – where do you begin?
  • You have to keep investing time and money to manage it


  • Your brand has a voice
  • You can engage with your customers in meaningful ways and gain insights
  • This engagement is measurable/trackable
  • The consumer can be your marketing advocate
  • It is with people all the time – accessible
  • The speed and scale to market is massive