Hear! Hear! We hear you Elaine Saunders – if you’re a boomer in a boardroom, or hard of hearing, Blamey Saunders hears you

By “boomers”, Elaine Saunders means those of us getting to a certain demographic where the hearing starts to falter! We all live with someone, work with someone, have observed someone, whose speaking volume is further up the dial than the rest of us!

The innovative team at Blamey Saunders Hearing created the new-era hearing aid technology – and it’s all accessed online.  Social media is a key to the success of Blamey Saunders.  You fit the hearing aids yourself. You hear me..?

(Check out Elaine’s video here – she talks about how Blamey Saunders uses social media)

She joined us at our recent Fulworks event: Social Media – dynamic biz tool or devil in disguise!

In my AFR column a while back, I tell the story of Elaine Saunders – a rare entrepreneurial academic who has found ways to commercialise research into hearing aid technology.  She and Professor Peter Blamey have launched Blamey & Saunders Hearing, which is delivering high-quality, affordable hearing aids which you can buy online and fit yourselves.  Instead of paying up to $12,000 for those big, clumpy hearing aids like grandpa used to wear – Blamey & Saunders can produce a smaller and more cosmetically appealing product starting from around $1000.

Be warned – this solution is not for everyone, but if your hearing is slightly fading, this is the affordable option to keep your ear fibres fit!  As Elaine says, “use it or lose it”.