Home is the base for Robin Ellenberger at her best little (gluten-free) bakehouse in Launceston

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It’s not about the size of her business, it’s all about the passion for baking bread that drives Robin Ellenberger.

Based in Tasmania, she always baked wheat bread for her family, but a casual conversation with a health shop proprietor revealed there was no local Launceston supplier for fresh gluten-free bread products.  Robin seized her moment, and launched her Sky Ranch Bakehouse in June 2009, and has never looked back.

It’s a true family enterprise for Robin, who worked in office admin for 38 years before going it alone in business. Her husband Jimmy is her helper, early in the mornings, before he heads off to his own, part-time job!

They sell fresh bread products all over Tasmania, and the good news is, they sell pre-mix products online.

Her story appeared in the AFR Weekend, February 8-9, 2014.