Let them eat cupcakes! Daniella Boutros of Buttercreme Lane making the world a sweeter place.

It is the product that lasts a lifetime, as the centrepiece of celebrations.  Imagine a party, a wedding, a special family occasion without a cake?  Everyone gathers, the photo is taken, and the image can be kept forever.

That is what drives Daniella Boutros in her pursuit of making the most beautiful cupcakes and celebration cakes she can. (Today in the AFR Weekend – my Enterprising Women column).

Her Buttercreme Lane business came about because of her passion for baking, but when she discovered YouTube lessons in cake decorating she was sold on taking her baking the extra step further, to a designer level!  Daniella was born with dyslexia and knew she could not become a teacher because her reading and writing was not good enough.

But she knew she had the gift of conversation and a love of people and those skills underpin her business, launched only in 2012, but which is growing madly and becoming ever more popular (check out these gorgeous cakes).

She has been ‘discovered’ by P&O Cruises where she gives cake-decorating demonstrations.  Master chef, Luke Mangan is also a fan, and Daniella supplies cakes and cupcakes for his events.

Buttercreme Lane is her passion and her life’s work – the goal is to make the world a sweeter place!