Lisa Roet – the marvellous Melbourne artist who found new inspiration after life-changing heart surgery

We know it is the constant challenge for the creative writers, artists or musicians – where to find inspiration for their next body of work.

Hard to believe that the acclaimed Melbourne artist, Lisa Roet, found hers in an aorta transplant!  As she tells me today (AFR Weekend – Enterprising Women – 22 March 2014), open heart surgery in November 2013 gave her new impetus to try new projects in sculpture, drawings and public commissions – and her work has never been better!

Her Melbourne art dealer, Karen Woodbury, says Roet is “unstoppable”.  When I spoke to her she was celebrating the success of her remarkable half-human, half-gorilla heart installation in Melbourne’s Forum Theatre for the Nuit Blanche (White Night) overnight art festival (That was 2013 – the next ‘Nuit Blanche‘ is in 2015).

Lisa found inspiration for her work with humans and apes when working in Berlin during the late 1980s, just as the Berlin Wall came down.  She spent hours at the West Berlin Zoo, studying elephants and apes, and exploring the world where humans connect with the animal world.

It’s a world in which Roet has invested heavily – with her whole heart, literally, and her soul.