Meet Jane Rowe, the dynamo behind Mirabel, the charity for kids orphaned through parental drug use


This is such an inspiring story – and an Enterprising Woman in the charity sector. Jane Rowe is one fine woman indeed – English born to what she calls a ‘life of privilege’ she rocked ‘n’ rolled around the punk scene in London during the 70s, overcame a heroin addiction and then married an Australia to relocate to Melbourne circa 1980.

She’s the force to be reckoned with behind the Mirabel Foundation she set up 14 years ago and each year demand for the children’s charity are greater.  MIrabel concentrates on ‘kinship care’ – for children orphaned or abandoned due to drug use.

A life very different to the one she might have had:  “I used to think the only work I would be doing would be entertaining my husband’s business connections, throwing lavish dinner parties and bringing up the children,” she laughs.

“Our motto is, every child deserves a childhood,” Rowe says.  I say – GET ON BOARD!