Physiotherapist Kellie Wilkie combines rhythm and balance to create a healthy business ethos

Kellie Wilkie remembers falling out of love with her chosen profession of physiotherapy, due to the frustration of 15-minute consultations when she started in a private practice.

So, she decided to bust the model and launched her own practice in Hobart – called BODYSYSTEM – with its unique model of one-hour consultations, with a 30-minute follow-up and during rather pleasant business hours from 8.30am to 6.00pm five days a week.

Kellie says it is all about rhythm and balance – her story today in my AFR Weekend column (22 February 2014).

Her perfect blend in business matches her other priority in her business life, which is to ensure maximum performance for Australia’s elite rowers – Kellie is the lead physio for Rowing Australia and the Australian Men’s and Women’s Olympic Rowing Teams.  She will be in charge of about 80 rowers and her role is to coordinate the network of 16 other physiotherapists around Australia who care for our elite rowers.

Wilkie’s appointment as lead physiotherapist for Rowing Australia is pioneering – she is the first female and the first based outside Canberra and the Australian Institute of Sport.

And in her home life, she and her husband aim for rhythm and balance as well – he works in commercial property and they work their times around being there to care for their two young children.

Great work if you can manage it, as Kellie does. The next big goal – optimum performance by our rowers in the Olympics in Rio de Janiero, 2016.  C’mon Aussie. C’mon Kellie!