Red hot gift-giving with RedBalloon is no hot air! $50 million over 12 years.


Naomi Simson always had a big vision and big ambitions.  As she tells me in the AFR today – she founded her RedBalloon online business with a goal to change the way Australians approach gift-giving.  But she also wants to change our language – is it possible that some day soon, we might be saying we have been “red-ballooned” when we receive a gift?

Never underestimate the lady in red!  Naomi is her brand and walks her talk – in her signature red outfits whenever she is out and about on RedBalloon business.

I first met Naomi Simson at the Telstra Business Womens Awards in 2008.  A vivacious presence, dressed top to toe in red, she bounced up to the stage to receive two awards – for Business Owner and Business Innovation.

Gift-giving it is an industry worth some  $27billion to the Australian economy – but would you believe $1 billion of those gifts are described as unwanted.  So why not give what someone wants? I’m sure Naomi Simson and RedBalloon can help!