Spa treatments and rehab massage for horses a going concern for Jessica Blackwell


Jessica Blackwell always had a love of horses but did not want to muck around in stables, so she decided to get into the business of pain relief and rehabilitation for her four-legged friends.

As she tells me today, in the AFR, horses are just like humans and can get temperamental when in pain.  She has proven the business model with her Equestricare, based in Perth, and turned over around $300,000 for the 2013 financial year.

She provides treatments ranging from hands-on massage, ultrasound and red-light therapy through to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and she could see up to 40 horses in peak periods.  Although recently she had her first child, so she’s put a hold on the physical massage, and is concentrating on providing training for other would-be horse massage therapists.


Jessica could see an opportunity to develop a course for her Certificate in Equine Sports Massage and has gained approval for it.  More than 100 students are enrolled – online from all over Australia and New Zealand – and that has added another income stream.

She says she knows the therapy works because horses, like humans, sigh and yawn a lot.