Suzette Cassie launched Dermalogica in Australia 20 years ago – and has taken it to number one!

In the era of botox, fillers, peels, lifts, implants, laser and other invasive therapies, Suzette Cassie faces considerable challenges at the Australian helm of skincare brand, Dermalogica.  (Today’s AFR Weekend – my “Enterprising Women” column – 31 May 2014)

As Suzette says, Dermalogica products are for external use only, and are sold only by authorised therapists, trained to company standards.  The company focus has always been on healthy skin, and using products that are right for you – an important point to remember is that a skincare therapist can feel things with their hands that a botox needle cannot!

The products are luxurious and I highly recommend a ‘face mapping’ and treatment with a skilled Dermalogica therapist. I’m mad about the Conditioning Body Wash, and am enjoying the new products – Multivitamin Thermafoliant and Multivitamin Power Serum – they’re “Age-smart”!

Dermalogica has a global fixed price for its products – we can buy online or through authorised therapists, anywhere in the world.

Suzette has become a good friend over the years, but we nearly lost her to Australia – about 20 years ago she was packing her bags to return to South Africa when the Dermalogica founders asked her to handle the Australian launch.  Happily, it’s been a beautiful partnership and long may it continue!