Who will make headlines at the 2018 Women20 (W20) Summit in Argentina? And why Ivanka helped in 2017!

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One year ago at the 2017 W20 in Berlin, Germany, it was Ivanka Trump – and I argued at the time that her presence alongside host, Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, would certainly create headlines but more than that….it would give our work at the W20 some profile in the international…

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Hello, Petal. How Sarah Sammon and her mother pioneered the production of rose petals for weddings, parties, anything!

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“Grown with love, for love” it says on their website, and for Sarah Sammon and her mother, Jan Slater, it’s been a labour of love. Their Simply Rose Petals business is celebrating 10 years in 2014, but building business success has not been a bed of roses. (Their enterprising story…

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“With One Voice” is one project to help people find their purpose – Tania de Jong is the creative entrepreneur

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It’s hard to keep up with the creative force that is Tania de Jong, a visionary and energetic force to be reckoned with in the sphere of social entrepreneurship. Over about two decades Tania has founded and operated a number of charity choirs, leadership workshops, events and much more under…

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Hear! Hear! We hear you Elaine Saunders – if you’re a boomer in a boardroom, or hard of hearing, Blamey Saunders hears you

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By “boomers”, Elaine Saunders means those of us getting to a certain demographic where the hearing starts to falter! We all live with someone, work with someone, have observed someone, whose speaking volume is further up the dial than the rest of us! The innovative team at Blamey Saunders Hearing…

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How Daniella Ehrlich, an opera cat, finds her core business by mixing arias with pilates

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It was a triumphant conclusion to a Fulworks Q&A event – Daniella Ehrlich brought the house down with a stirring rendition of the rousing “Habanera” aria from the Bizet opera (1875) Carmen – “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” – (love is a rebellious bird).  (Full performance on my home page). Daniella…

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A model of sustainability with re-usable, re-purposed waste – Natalie Coulter a true urban pioneer and explorer

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Natalie Coulter has a message for us all, and her once lone voice is being heard by an ever-expanding audience.  She describes herself as an activist – in a gentle way – who uses repurposed rubbish to create brilliant window displays, installations, styling and events with a view to raising…

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Let them eat cupcakes! Daniella Boutros of Buttercreme Lane making the world a sweeter place.

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It is the product that lasts a lifetime, as the centrepiece of celebrations.  Imagine a party, a wedding, a special family occasion without a cake?  Everyone gathers, the photo is taken, and the image can be kept forever. That is what drives Daniella Boutros in her pursuit of making the…

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