The Design Files has Lucy Feagins on the run as she blogs design to inspire thousands of decorators


Admit it – there is a wee bit of the voyeur in all of us and Lucy Feagins has tapped into our desire to see how the other half lives.  But she also opens the door, albeit ever so slightly, on how people like us live on her stylish and beautifully curated design blog – The Design Files.


As she tells me today in the AFR Weekend, she launched The Design Files about five years ago and now claims it is “Australia’s most popular design blog.”  Good work, Lucy.  And with advertising rolling in, she’s now turned it into a nice little earner.

From art exhibitions and launches, to new home decor items, to recipes on ‘Tasty Tuesday’ and the Wednesday house of the week, Lucy delivers lots to look at and lots to inspire you in your home.  A survey shows that 96% of her readership is female – that likely surprises none of us!  What’s a girl to do, but keep seeking divine inspiration, if not intervention…!

Another initiative of Lucy’s is her annual Design Files Open House – held in Melbourne around Christmas for the past two years, with a Sydney event planned for December 2013.

Lucy travels one week every two months, to most parts of Australia, seeking content.  Who knows she may be coming to a household near you, very soon!