The future is online video for your biz or brand! Expert media trainer Andrea Clarke advises: “Quality & creativity will connect”

Here’s the fact: By 2017, 70% of all online web traffic will be video*

It’s a massive piece of the future for online engagement.  Are you prepared?

My enterprising good friend and collaborator, former Washington DC reporter and professional media trainer, Andrea Clarke tells me that in businesses of all sizes, from sole traders to major corporations, we need to train to be our best on camera, to connect with our audience – that is, clients and customers. (Check out Andrea’s video commentary, above, and talk to us here, at Fulworks OR

Andrea’s four key points for videos:
1. If you confuse people you lose people – It is critical to work with experts to sort your story and apply high production values to your presentation. Quality connects, so avoid a swift drop-off rate with an average performance.  Keep the story simple – use the best equipment – work with proven professionals to deliver a successful campaign.

2. Make creativity your point of difference – Creativity is the last competitive advantage we have in the market place.  Work with experts to develop a more engaging segment – without being OTT** – and stand out from the crowd.

3. Get comfortable with the camera – None of us are naturals.  It takes time to make the camera your friend!  Remember, the most compelling part of your narrative is often the most personal piece, but it’s also about the people you work with – involve and empower those around you who help deliver the product or service.

4. Invest in training – Just as you would invest in other skills, spend time and allocate money to training.  It will help you understand how you may be unconsciously undermining your message by the way you speak, present and interact with the camera.

*In the next few years, Cisco forecasts there will be 3.6 billion internet users, or nearly half the projected population of the world. There will be more than 19 billion global network connections, up from around 12 billion in 2012. The average internet household will have more than seven devices connected to the network.  **Over the top!

This is staggering data and a clear signpost to business owners about where their audience will be.