The second W20 Summit – the voice of the women of the world must be heard!

As I said in a previous post here at Fulworks – it was an honour to be chosen as the first Australian representative to the Women20 (W20) Engagement group to the G20, held in Istanbul last October.

In May this year (2016) I was off to Xi’an, China, for the second W20 Summit and with my colleague Dr Susan Harris-Rimmer, keen to progress this nascent G20 Engagement group and maintain the momentum, for the voices of the women of the world to be heard in the halls of global economic power.  I discuss my proposition for the W20 in Xi’an here, on Women’s Agenda.

I put the case, last year, that we must enhance women’s financial inclusion and education.

This year I will continue to promote the idea that it is women who can play a central role in bringing the voices of the broader community together – away from the usual suspects, like economists, politicians, bankers and bureaucrats.  There are many women leading the way, but we need more to ensure our voices become louder at international summits, especially when it comes to economic empowerment, the key focus of the W20.

In Istanbul, I put the case that communication and financial literacy skills were the two most important pieces of the puzzle to progress the economic empowerment of women.

This year I add a third tranche to my proposal. Women, especially of regional and rural Australia, can be the power behind the growth of our new economy – in agriculture and rural production.   Consider Australia and our relationship with China and the broader markets of Asia.

Read more here, and a big thanks to Women’s Agenda, for the opportunity to publish.

Go further here, to learn more about Xi’an, the ancient and alluring central Chinese city which is the capital of the province of Shaanxi.  Boasting a long history and a brilliant culture, Shaanxi is one of the important birthplaces for the Chinese nation and Chinese civilisation.  14 dynasties set up their own capitals here, lasting as long as 1100 years. Xi’an, was called Chang’an in ancient times – and with Athens, Rome and Cairo, was one of the world’s Four Ancient Capitals.

More than 2000 years ago, the “Silk Road” started at Chang’an (Xi’an), as the opening of China to the outside world – the western connection point for China with commerce and trade, linking across the continents to the west, and old city of Constantinople (Istanbul) to meet the rest of the world.

The Terracotta Warriors Museum of course is a highlight.  But for me, the Chang’an Impression – Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony was unforgettable – a once in a lifetime experience. Photos taken outside and then inside the amazing walled city, with my colleague Dr Susan Harris Rimmer.

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