Top Ten Tips for a happy and effective workplace

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December 2010

How do you create a workplace culture that keeps your good people building an even better business? Let’s compile the Top Ten.

There are many ingredients that make up a pleasurable and cooperative work environment – and at this time of the year (this was written in December 2010) it’s quite good therapy to sit back and reflect on the past 12 months.  Even better, it’s good to look ahead to the challenges and successes and joys that lie ahead in the coming year.

Let’s re-visit some good business examples in the new year.  When you’re in a room with some of these people, you find yourself wanting a job in their company!

Toga Hospitality group, which runs the Medina, Vibe and Adina Hotels across Australia and which is strongly gaining a footing in Europe has an infectious corporate culture.

They value – passion, integrity, respect, commitment and leadership.

How do they do it?  How have they brought such a team together and kept them inspired, motivated, loyal and progressing in their hotel management careers?

Partnership for success – that’s the culture.

Much like Camp Quality CEO, Simon Rountree’s philosophy – he says that employers who embed fun and laughter in their corporate culture can create commercial advantage and more.

It’s all about the culture – so how do you create a workplace culture which keeps the good people wanting more, doing more and ultimately building a great business?

Here’s a Top Ten to get you started:

1.      Choose good people.

2.      Train and retain good people.

3.      Encourage/reward good people with a career path in the company.

4.     A team culture is imperative – use fun and laughter to strengthen team bonds.

5.     Promote good behaviour and good thinking.

6.     Empower your employees – they feel supported and connected – happy = healthy.

7.     Remain open to new ideas and keep challenging the way business is done.

8.     Listen.  Communicate. It’s amazing the difference it makes.

9.     Help people organise their stuff – remove the clutter – get rid of things/files no longer relevant and make room for the new.

10.  Keep an eye on your health – and everyone else’s health.   Obesity, bad exercise habits, sedentary jobs, all add up to unhealthy lifestyle.  To be able to work effectively, we need to stay healthy – or get healthy.  Healthy workers == healthy business.

Food for thought, don’t you think?