TrueLocal – it’s the online directory to help you get started, get sorted, and get your business rated and reviewed. Insights from Bradley Taylor – Head of Product, at TrueLocal

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As part of a collaboration with Sensis (search ‘webcasts’ on this site), we welcomed various speakers to our Q&A series.  For our “Brand” and “Reputation” event in Sydney, June 2014, we were joined by Bradley Taylor – Head of Product, TrueLocal.

TrueLocal is an online directory where businesses of all sizes can promote their products and services – easy to access and with a ‘tool-kit’ to help you get your information up and on the site.

It helps people find you.

TrueLocal also encourages ratings and reviews. It’s a good way to build your business brand and stay connected with your customers.  (see the videos x 2)

Observations about TrueLocal from Bradley Taylor – video 1 (top of page):

  • When loading your business information – consider what your customer is looking for. It may make it easier for them to find you.
  • Business category, name, address, contact number, clear images, what you do – the keys to effectively showcasing your business
  • Use your logo, branding and colour palette – stay true to everything you do and represent in business
  • TrueLocal encourages feedback and reviews – be proud of your business and use social media for positive outcomes.
  • TrueLocal moderates ratings and reviews – it checks authenticity of reviews before publishing
  • TrueLocal aims to make sure there is legitimacy and trust and sufficient checks to present your business in an accurate light.
  • Once you get a review – TrueLocal will contact you and invite you to respond – remember it is generally appreciated by both sides.
  • If you are uncomfortable with a review, TrueLocal aims to investigate further to assist you, the business owner

Observations about TrueLocal from Bradley Taylor – video 2:

  • Customers look for and expect a mix of feedback on your site – if they see 5-stars all the way, they might think it’s a fake!
  • Customers look for authenticity – says Bradley: “We know that. We ask them.”
  • As the world has gone online, business has to be more transparent.
  • Honest conversation is welcome at all levels
  • Know what is being said about you in the marketplace – be authentic and stand behind your brand
  • Give plenty of information online – make it easy to stand out and be found by customers
  • Video is a key to getting your message into the market – it is easy to engage with and share

Says Bradley Taylor:  “We are always learning and evolving the process – TrueLocal constantly reviews its moderation process – to enhance fraud detection and identity management and such things.  With our hand on our heart – we try to protect the interests of the business owner.”