Who will make headlines at the 2018 Women20 (W20) Summit in Argentina? And why Ivanka helped in 2017!

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One year ago at the 2017 W20 in Berlin, Germany, it was Ivanka Trump – and I argued at the time that her presence alongside host, Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, would certainly create headlines but more than that….it would give our work at the W20 some profile in the international news cycle. Indeed it did!

For the record, I’m happy to get the chance to highlight the work of the W20 and from my position as a Co-Chair for Financial Inclusion for the 2017 W20 these were our ambitions:

  • Close the gap between men and women in workforce participation
  • Improve access to finance and the digital economy for women
  • Support entrepreneurship among women
  • Deliver better vocational education and training for all

And, here’s my article on reflection, published by Women’s Agenda – I thank them for it.  (see it below, in long form)

But, who will make news this year, as the women of G20 nations meet in Buenos Aires early October for the 2018 Women20 – W20 – Summit?

Stand by!  Our delegation will attend the Summit and we hope to continue measuring the progress of economic empowerment of women of the world.

Anne Fulwood: This week women’s workforce participation became a global issue, and Ivanka Trump helped

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