“With One Voice” is one project to help people find their purpose – Tania de Jong is the creative entrepreneur

It’s hard to keep up with the creative force that is Tania de Jong, a visionary and energetic force to be reckoned with in the sphere of social entrepreneurship.

Over about two decades Tania has founded and operated a number of charity choirs, leadership workshops, events and much more under the umbrella organisation she calls “Creative Universe”.  (Her enterprising story, AFR Weekend, 7 June 2014)

Her next big thing is the three-day Creative Innovation Global conference, produced annually in Melbourne since 2010 – it will be in March 2015.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty to do with her “With One Voice” initiative, which was established to inspire people to find their voice but also find purpose and meaning in their lives.  Usually, says Tania, the participants are a mix of migrants, jobseekers, and people with depression and disabilities and funding is through corporate and government contributions.  It’s a big effort, but reaping rewards and helping people across Victoria, and in Sydney and Brisbane.

As Tania insists:  “We have to acknowledge that everyone is creative and it’s a talent no reserved only for artists.”

There is no doubt, when it comes to social entrepreneurship, Tania de Jong is the eye of a creative storm.